COVID-19 Is Challenging Our Lifestyles 

Covid-19 is shaping our values, characters, beliefs, and actions for better, for worse...

By definition, one’s lifestyle should reflect someone’s values, beliefs, actions, and world view to name a few. But as I type this article, I cannot help but remember that right now, our living style has been challenged to the core of what truly matters and what it is simply our choice.

You guessed right: I am talking about the biggest health pandemic that we have witnessed over the last century: the invisible and powerful Coronavirus. But instead of talking about it, we now have the opportunity to question our contribution to it because our lifestyles have been responsible for its unimaginable worldwide spread.

We have placed a significant amount of energy holding our values (regardless of what they are) sometimes even imposing them to others as if they were what solely define us.

Without consideration, sometimes we have contaminated other’s opinions because we thought that it was fine to express ourselves.

We have also carried our beliefs so close to our heart (and households) that we have ignored that our children, partners and/or family members are often exposed by others’ belief on daily basis and blindly, we arrogantly thought that our beliefs should be set in stones and everyone else should only accept that. Our actions have been speaking a lot louder than our words. Without hesitation, we have criticized those that spend a significant amount of time on social media, watching TV, eating takeaways while they wear pajamas all day long. Those that seek information spread by the ‘world wide web’ are finding themselves graduated in the ‘University of Google’ and ‘The news has just said that...’ is probably one of the most used phrases right now.

Our view of the world that we all share has been shaped by a strange mix of fear and hope and depending on how your day (at home) has been, your entire opinion about particular nations has totally changed. Yes, it is pretty messy and uncertain but we do not have to contribute to it. We do not have to say that staying at home is ‘being stuck at home’, we do not need to think that eating healthily is to ‘those that are always concerned about their appearances’, nor should we only now appraise teachers, health workers, bin collectors, cleaners and so forth; because we are all doing their work to. They chose to do their jobs and they do it brilliantly without the need of our ‘all of the sudden appreciation’. In fact, many are finding themselves overwhelmed by the amount of love that they are ONLY receiving now.

So whenever someone says that they ‘cannot wait to go back to normality’, I always say that I hope that it is not the case. I hope that when the pandemic is under control, we can all come back stronger. Wiser. More appreciative of the big and little mundane events and above all, more grateful that we are being given another chance. Something already denied to many.

Stay safe.

Jamile DeSouza-Davies

Instagram Jamiledavies