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Meet The Team

Sade Michaela

Founder & Publishing Director &

Sade is a seasoned business professional.

Having worked in Spain and the UAE, former Financial Planner used her skills and experiences to develop an organization that can bridge the gap between Culture and Finance. Successfully using her ingenious knowledge to conquer her goal, Sade has built an international organization that provides many opportunities to others who share the same vision. 

Sade is known as a trusted, well-respected director for her entrepreneurial skills, strong analytical thinking ability, and business knowledge which enables her to direct the team and find innovative solutions, strategically.

Emma Bright

Public Relations Manager &

Emma has worked in media for over 5+ years. 

Having started out her career in HR, Emma had a vigorous passion for Marketing and Media, so much so, that she was driven to learn more about the industry.

Emma graduated from Westminster University with a BA in Journalism,

Shortly after graduating, she decided that it was time to fulfil her passion within media and move on from her career in HR.

 Emma took her 'boots', her skills, her knowledge and knocked on the doors of Smodè Publications right on time.

Ever since Emma has been the ultimate backbone of our organization.

Editorial Board

Darren Miller

The Creative Master-Mind.

Darren has 12 years + in graphic and UX design.

Shortlisted for the D&AD awards in 2018, Darren is the visual master-mind in creative arts.

Darren manages everything from tech to design.


Natasha Edwards

The Detective.

Natasha is our researcher and journalist who oversees articles, stories and conducts interviews to ensure that only accurate content is published by our editorial board.

Joseph Greene

The Keen Eye for Details.

Joseph is our sub-editor who ensure that all content is up-to-date, and politically correct before sending out for publishing. 

Joseph loves long walks, and hates coffee!

Jenifer Evans

The Digital Perfectionist.

Jenifer is responsible for all things advertising and marketing with over 15 years + marketing experience, Jenifer is our advertising specialist. 'Not a big fan of new aged social media marketing' jenifer adds definition to our advertising department. 

Adam Johnson

The WordSmith.

Adam is our senior Journalist with over 3 years of experience in journalism. Adam has written articles for many publications including the BBC news, and Men's Health Magazine.

Adam skills are second to none when it comes to being a word smith.

Deluca Siva

The Embellishment.

Deluca is our senior editor who oversees our Fashion department. Deluca is a former luxury fashion buyer in retail who has worked in the industry for over 8 years.

She has recently moved back to the UK from working in New York, US.

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